I make robots work together

Julia Ebert

Software Engineer • Robotics Researcher • Boston, MA


Somerville, MA
Fleet Robotics
2023 –
Autonomy Lead
Lead development of autonomy software for Fleet's autonomous hull-cleaning robots.
Brighton, CO
2022 – 2023
Software Engineer, Mission Planning (Remote)
Spearheaded design and development (C++, ROS) of new multi-robot planning for Outrider's of autonomous distribution yard trucks.
Led cross-functional project teams to create new robot behaviors toward product goals.
Supported test site and customer deployments of the mission planning system.
Cambridge, MA
Harvard University Self-Organizing Systems Research Group, Prof. Radhika Nagpal
2016 – 2022
Doctoral Researcher
Developed collective spatial decision-making algorithms for simulated and physical robot collectives. Includes bio-inspired and Bayesian decision and movement algorithms.
Created open-source Kilosim (C++) to simulate hundreds of robots at up to 1000x real time.
Collaborated with MIT Media Lab to create heterogeneous robot swarm for inspection on space stations, including algorithm development and hardware testing in microgravity (Zero-G flights).
Supervised undergraduate and masters student research projects, and taught robotics and digital fabrication courses.
Livermore, CA
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Dr. Michael Schneider
Summer 2018
Computational Science Research Intern
Programmed, refactored, and documented research codebase (Python) for SSA, since used extensively by SSA researchers at LLNL.
Developed a simulator and visualization tools (Python) for orbit observation by low earth orbit satellites.


Computer Science
Algorithm development • C/C++ • Python • Robot Operating System (ROS) • Linux • Git/version control • MATLAB • JavaScript
Computer-aided design (OnShape) • Electronics design (Eagle) • 3D printing • Laser cutting


Cambridge, MA
Harvard University
PhD in Computer Science
Thesis: Distributed Decision-making for Inspection by Autonomous Robot Collectives
Department of Energy Computation Science Graduate Fellow (DOE CSGF) • Siebel Scholar
London, UK
Imperial College London
Master of Research (MRes) in Bioengineering, with Distinction
Marshall Scholar • Thesis: Assisting Balance Recovery with a Lower Limb Exoskeleton
Boston, MA
Northeastern University
BS in Behavioral Neuroscience, Minor in Computer Science

Interests & Activities

NPR Brains On podcast guest • FIRST Lego League judge • Harvard Science in the News public lecture
Curling (Harvard club curling team) • Web design & development • Open source 3D print models

Select Publications

You can view all my publications on the Publications page.

J Ebert et al. (2022) A Hybrid PSO Algorithm for Multi-robot Target Search and Decision Awareness. IROS 2022.

J Ebert et al. (2020) Bayes Bots: Collective Bayesian Decision-Making in Decentralized Robot Swarms. ICRA 2020.

I Farkhatdinov, J Ebert et al. (2019) Assisting Human Balance in Standing with a Robotic Exoskeleton. IEEE RA-L.

J Ebert et al. (2018) Multi-feature collective decision making in robot swarms. AAMAS 2018.

J Ebert, F Berlinger, B Haghighat, and R Nagpal. 2022. "A Hybrid PSO Algorithm for Multi-robot Target Search and Decision Awareness." In 2022 IEEE International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS).

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I Farkhatdinov, J Ebert, G van Oort, M Vlutters, E van Asseldonk, and E Burdet. 2019. "Assisting Human Balance in Standing with a Robotic Exoskeleton." IEEE Robotics and Automation Letters, 4, 2, 414–421. DOI: 10.1109/LRA.2018.2890671

J Ebert, M Gauci, and R Nagpal. 2018. "Multi-feature collective decision making in robot swarms." In Proceedings of the 17th International Conference on Autonomous Agents and MultiAgent Systems, 1711–1719. Stockholm, Sweden.